Medication & Care Visits

From £10.00

A bespoke service designed around the medical needs of your pet and ideal for those who aren't able to be around when medication administration is needed.  If you've got a pet that's hard to tablet, such as that dreaded worming pill or a nail clip whereby you need a second pair of hands, let us do it for you.


Services Include:

  • Administering worming and flea control

  • Giving medication (oral and injectable, eye & ear drops)

  • Nail clipping

  • Bandaging

Our carer holds a Level 2 qualification in the Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines & is first aid trained.

Please note that Welland Valley Pet Care are unable to provide veterinary medications or bandaging materials.  These need to be supplied by your vet with administrative instruction for us to follow.  We are unable to provide medical advice on treatment or conditions.

Weekends - 20% Extra