Cat & Kitten Visits

Mon - Fri - 1 Visit - £10.00
Mon - Fri - 2 Visits - £15.00
Weekends - 1 Visit - £12
Weekends - 2 Visits - £18
Public Holidays - 20% Extra

Here at Welland Valley Pet Care we understand the worry of leaving your cat whilst you are away.  Do you rely on friends, family and neighbours? or use a cattery, knowing that your cat would be much happier staying at home?  This is where we can help you both.  We can design a bespoke visit around your cats needs, whilst they stay in their own home.  Please note that we do not stay at your home overnight.

Our service comprises of a visit to your cat, once or twice a day, as required.  We will feed them as per your instruction, ensure fresh water is always available and bowls cleaned.  We will try to keep to your cats usual routine as far as possible and give medication, if required.  We will change, clean and replenish litter trays, if applicable.  Of course companionship, play and cuddles comes as standard!

Our cat visits are priced for up to 3 cats in the same home.  

Please note we must visit all pets at least once every 24 hours for their safety and welfare.