Dog Walking

30 mins - £8.50*
60 mins - £13.00*
Evenings, W/Ends & Public Holidays - 20% Extra

* 50% discount applicable if the 2nd dog resides in the same home and walked at the same time.

Here at Welland Valley Pet Care we specialise in one-to-one walks so that we can give each dog our full attention and provide walks bespoke to their individual needs.  We also offer group walks up to a maximum of three households/6 dogs.  We believe in maximising walking time by walking dogs directly from their door, rather than losing time travelling.  However, on occasions to vary your dogs' walk, we may transport your dog to another location, with your permission.

We like to keep walks interesting for your dog, utilising parks, recreational grounds, fields & bridleways, canal towpaths, woodlands and even through town.  However, if your dog has a favourite walk, please let us know.  We also have access to a secure private field - ideal for recall training, socialisation and for dogs who just want to exercise alone.  Your dog will return home, happy and tired after a fun time out with us.  Our aim is to make each walk the highlight of your dogs day, giving them a chance to play, socialise, exercise and explore new sights and smells.  As soon as we return back to you home, we will re-fill water bowls, towel dry your dog in wet weather and give treats (if allowed) before leaving your dog to rest.


We won't let your dog off lead without your consent and only then when we feel a bond has been established between dog and walker.  

Sorry but we are unable to walk aggressive dogs for safety reasons.

We walk 6 days a week, including bank holidays.


Comfort Breaks 

15 mins - £6.50
Evenings, W/Ends & Public Holidays - 20% Extra

Sometimes you just need someone to pop in and check that your dog is ok, feed your pet and to let them out.  This is where our comfort break service is ideal.

We will pop round to check on your dog and let them out into the garden or in the case of dogs that like to do their business out and about, take them for a short 10 minute walk. 

Just let us know your pets preferred feeding times, leave out his/her food for us and we will do the rest including washing up the bowls afterwards too!  We will ensure fresh water is available too.

Canine Care Visits 

30 mins - £10.00
60 mins - £15.00
60+ mins - POA
Evenings, W/Ends & Public Holidays - 20% Extra

Offering an alternative to a walk, our canine care visits are ideal for those who require special attention, such as puppies, elderly companions or those recovering from illness.  These visits are designed to give your dog company during the day/evenings whilst you are out.  Let us know what you require and we will design a bespoke visit for your canine companions needs.  Of course companionship, play and cuddles comes as standard!

Why not invite our carer to bring a visit full of fun too, with lots of toys and games offering mental stimulation for your dog.  Our toy box is full of activity toys, snuffle mats, puzzle toys, treat balls, turn around toys, a variety of different size and shaped balls, and plush, rope and rubber toys to play with.


Our canine care visits are so full of fun, so much so, your dog will forget that you've gone out!  


Adventure Walks 

Price on Application
Weekends Only

Why not treat your dog to a 2 hour walk through the beautiful local countryside?  Or perhaps they would prefer a walk along the canal or lakeside, maybe a forest walk would be perfect for your little (or big!) explorer, a walk round a local country park or exclusive usage of a local dog walking field.  This is no 'off lead play for hours with other dogs, its exercising your dog physically and mentally with enriching activities!  Water & treats supplied.

Maximum of 2 medium or 3 small dogs per adventure walk.

Adventure walks are ideal for dogs that:

  • have lots of energy

  • like to travel

  • enjoy games and stimulating activities

  • who need and like more personal attention and focus

  • who show signs of over-excitement

  • who require more than just a 1-hour stroll

  • who show signs of boredom (chewing, digging and destructive behaviour)

  • who need quality enrichment

  • and those that LOVE to explore