Garden Poo Pick

£10 - up to 30 mins*
W/Ends & Public Holidays - Not Available

* Price is based on a standard 4 bed new build sized property

Pet waste can pose a serious health hazard not just to your pets but also your family.  Dog poo can contain harmful bacteria such as, E.Coli, Parvovirus, Faecal Coliform, Salmonella, worms and parasites. Left unchecked these can pass back to your dog and other animals, but also to children and adults.

Our garden poo pick service is ideal for those short on time, those feeling the strain of an injury, health issues or disability, settling the arguments of who's turn it is or those who just hate the thought of picking up their dogs personal waste.  Let us keep our hands warm in winter for you!

We will supply gloves and waste bags, just require the use of your dustbin to dispose of your pets waste.