Poultry & Avian Visits

A bespoke service providing care for your feathered friends whilst you are away.


We will let out your chickens, geese ducks and guinea fowl from their coop in the morning and put back at dusk each evening to protect them from predators, if required.  Caged birds will only be let out upon request.


Feed and fresh water will be given daily and eggs collected too, if applicable.

Away for over 7 days? Please let us know if you wish us to clean out your birds cage/the coop and pen, to your specification to maintain sanitation and odour control (Additional fees applicable).

Mon - Fri - 1 Visit - £10.00
Mon - Fri - 2 Visits - £15.00
Weekends - 1 Visit - £12
Weekends - 2 Visits - £18
Public Holidays - 20% Extra

Please note we must visit all pets at least once every 24 hours for their safety and welfare.